Simmons SDS

::: So this happened : The Fabled Simmons SDS 6 In the Wild :::

Today in the shop i have a Simmons SDS 6.  This one is serial number 105.  Seeing as there was only 109 of these ever made i'd say this is practically a Chupacabra! It was shipped to the US from Europe so the power supply had to be changed to see 110 volts.  The transformer has two primary coils that were hooked up in series for European voltage but once they are changed to a parallel configuration it should be fine!

The manual also says to use a 1A fuse in the US.



There's not much info on these in the world ( google ).  I have the manual and schematic here with this one which is helpful.  The circuit boards are riddled with modifications that were probably done on the production line.  This one doesn't have MIDI but supposedly a few had been updated to support it.  There's a few videos on youtube that show off how utterly awesome this is to program and watch:



I doubt i'll ever see another!

Here's an add for the Simmons SDS 6 ( thanks Simmons Museum! )

Other Resources:

Simmons WIKI

::: IF :::

::: Operation P-5 Style :::

XBS lovz this jam!  It's so good at being a crossover between the robot funk and well, ROBOT FUNK!!! I kid though, the 4 Sequential Circuits Pro 5 synths lined up in a row just BLOWS THE MINDPIECE!!!

Love it and then LOVE IT AGAIN as an ANIGIF!!!

Also a screen grab of the P-5 party in mid jam:



::: For the Love of the Halloweenadays :::

Hello! Well, it's almost time to start the last year evah, 2012!!!!

In celebration XBS plan to make lots of Carpenter-esque synth jams.  Here's what we made yesterday :::

[soundcloud url=""]

Newly fixed Oberheim DMX being minimal with a Simmons SDSV and polysynth layering from OB-8, Mirage (DPX) and SCI Multitrack ( great sleeper synth )

Accompanied by some ANIGIFS as always!


::: It'sGOINGtobeaROLANDtypeofWEEKEND :::

XBS of the day... This one features the wonderful sound of ROLAND.  lots of Juno 60 tracks arpeggiated together over a Simmons type of rhythm track and a korg MS-10 bass...

This was before the data sliders were fixed!

[soundcloud url=""]



Happy Weekend!