::: Movies by Year :::

So, have you ever thought about how good 1982 was for movies? E.T.   Tron   Bladerunner   Star Trek II   The Thing   Poltergeist...




Not to mention the soundtracks!

It's funny how many spoilers they have in the segment.  I don't want to know E.T. is friendly and Sean Young is a robot.  How about the Star trek spoiler!

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::: Nature Never Knew Colors Like This :::

I like this one a lot.  It may just be the cowbell in the chorus.  Moar Cowbell!!!!!  Usual suspects: Arp 2600, Oberheim OB - 8, DSX sequencer, Linn LM2 ( Thanks 4 tha Cowbell ), Oberheim DMX, Roland JP-8, SCI Multitrak... [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]

I made a video for this one as well ( imovie is really limited so i didn't do much editing ), using some borrowed footage from the old sci fi movie Hardware (1990 movie):


Not only may it be the poor mans terminator!  It has possibly the best movie description i've ever seen, " Inspired by a short story in 2000 AD, the movie depicts the rampage of a self-repairing cyborg in a post-apocalyptic slum. "  The bonus being cameos by LemmyIggy Pop, and Carl McCoy, famed weirdo and singer of Fields of the Nephilim.  Such a weird sleeper of a band.  The awesome thing about Carl's cameo is that he is playing a mysterious post apocalyptic scavenger in this crazy desert / spaghetti western outfit and that's how he actually dresses!


PS: the post title is one of Iggy Pops lines from the film.  he's a radio DJ overheard in the cab driven by Lemme.  Desrcibing the weather no less!

PPS: I couldn't leave ou without a gif!

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::: For the Love of the Halloweenadays :::

Hello! Well, it's almost time to start the last year evah, 2012!!!!

In celebration XBS plan to make lots of Carpenter-esque synth jams.  Here's what we made yesterday :::

[soundcloud url=""]

Newly fixed Oberheim DMX being minimal with a Simmons SDSV and polysynth layering from OB-8, Mirage (DPX) and SCI Multitrack ( great sleeper synth )

Accompanied by some ANIGIFS as always!


::: Black Devil Disco :::

I always come back to this record.  It has just the right amount of organized and free-for-all which can be a hard line to ride. It's truly a set it and forget it on repeat all day kind of record.  I like that about it too.

::: Were #! :::

Well, i just can't stop listening to this track!  And i thought Giorgio's version of Metropolis was strange... But the seasoned blend of Disco Angularity and Cocaine Abuse embedded within this song is truly SPECIAL!

It was hard not to choose beat the clock as it's the obvious 'single' from this record.  I just prefer the John Carpenter-ness of the openning track, it also reminds me more of the Giorgio soundtrack work too ( i just wish the Freddy Mercury song from metropolis was more like this! ). And the Simmons motif is pretty sweet as well...

This makes me all gooey inside:

These guys aren't making the cut!:
Will he WIN the GAME?????