Music isn't just sounds and notes


And sound in general isn't stationary. It moves. It has width and depth and height, and it has shades and colors and meaning. To us, it's a 3D painting. To us, audio mastering is the art of bringing that painting to life to fully represent the artist's intentions. It takes complete understanding of your gear on a level that might be considered unhealthy. And we learn to listen on a level that borders manic compulsion. But we do it because it's part of us and we couldn't stop even if we wanted to. We're not just engineers, we're musicians too, and our approach will always be musical.



We focus on the use of hi-end analog gear for mastering. We believe that the depth and character achieved in the analog domain is what really helps a record stand out. There is no setting that "just works" for every record, and there is no set amount of time that it takes to master a record. Each record MUST be approached as a unique experience. Our goal is to provide each artist with a master that represents their unique vision AND meets our standards of quality. For us, anything short of satisfying both criteria is unacceptable.

We spend a lot of our free time hunting down and modding gear. We have piles of gear! By doing so we create a wide palette of authentic sounds and vibes we can achieve. We take great care to choose the exact right pieces for each recording to help realize each artists' specific vision. AND WE LOVE TAPE!