This is a JOKE

Dude's :: got :a: drum::: machine.:: LITERALLY:

We saw this in an ebay post and it had us ROFLing for what seemed like helicopters.  The 'appease the wife' angle is worthy of a reddit meme and then thewhole 'craigslist lowball' complaint is great too!


"Honestly, I really do not want to sell the unit......... I do not need the money either. But having this listed on Ebay gets the wife off my ass a bit. I have hung onto alot of my old gear. All this gear takes up a tons of space. But... I made a very good living with all this old stuff. I keep getting tons of emails about this unit. People telling me whats it worth and that it is a old junk unit. And I should take there low ball offer. After awhile it bugs me and I really do not care what you think honestly...... So please do not waste my time and yours."

And the video is a very poor representation of what this machine can do...

Not a good sales demo!!!!   =D

PS :  here's a nice example of what this box can do ( not ours ) :