Tailor Hits Dynamic Equalizer

::: Hit Designs Dynamic Equalizer :::

Today i have a tech post.  A special one at that! I found this piece of gear in a surplus sale a few years back and i have never seen another.  Its a really special device as few of these types of designs exist in the analog world.

The Hit Designs Dynamic Equalizer is a multi band dynamic equalizer and Limiter.  Each of the 10 bands has a VCA expander and limiter for the left and right channel.  The gain and limit threshold for each band is controlled on the front panel controls to the right.  On the left you can control the input / output gain and look at a real time analysis of the audio spectrum.  Pretty amazing really.

After using this unit for a while I felt like a recap could really help bring the noise floor down a bit and match the response of the left right channels better.  Since i was unable to find the original manufacturer or a schematic i took many pictures so i could double check my capacitor orientation and values.  One stop at Mouser got me the many caps i would need.

And it was a lot!


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