Former Mastering Engineer Co-owner

From his early days behind bars (his playpen), Rob was enthralled with rhythmic vibrations of the universe. His penchant for gnawing on wood furniture didn’t become a full-fledged addiction until he was 12 (teeth like Bat Boy) It was his faithful man-servent Tom (his older brother) who introduced Rob to the sounds of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dio and more. It was then that Rob understood why Tom wore leather pants and sleeveless jean jackets with patches. It was the "a-ha" moment for Rob, where the music aligned with the gnawing and elevated the young squire to reach further spectrums. 

Rob had found his sounds, the notes swimming around in his head suddenly had associations– and then he became obsessed. Like "Close Encounters of the The Third Kind," Rob was drawn to Boston and the vibratory redundancies of EMF. He landed an internship at a recording studio called New Alliance (thank God). There, he met Sensei Nick Zampiello, who after much pestering agreed to take Rob on and teach him the Tao of Mix Mastering. Rob spent sleepless hours working and studying under Sensei Zampiello's tutelage. Like Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill Vol. 2" his fingers would cry and he would work with Sensei Nick all day and then stay late to milk the cows. 

The pupil and master aligned and started collaborating more and more on Masters. Two separate heads with two ears became one enormous head with four!