Blame it on Tim for giving Nick a cassette of Ozzy Osbourne’s live album Speak of the Devil. The Metal and the rhythms spun like Tijuana popcorn kernals through Nick’s medulla oblongata!!! Like a fly on sh#t, like a moth to the fl@me, like a camel to an oas!s, Nick was drawn to Metal’s raw energy and a career path was born. 

Nick went to UMass Lowell for music performance and sound recording. The guy worked and pushed the college computer equipment to the max! 

Nick made the pilgrimage to Bostonland joined numerous bands and like the other mad geniuses in this sect, he ended up working at New Alliance in the old Fenway location. There he recorded tons of bands and it was over a once in a century lunar cycle and a marathon game of strip Twister, Nick somehow ended up with the keys to a sound mastering studio. He called it New Alliance East!

Since then Nick has been working on 200 or so records per year. Somewhere around 2007, Rob joined up and now we have a team. It’s fun and new every day for them. In Nick’s spare time he likes to repair electronic instruments and create pet toys for handicapped canines. Nick saves/repairs/upgrades whatever old keyboards and drum machines he can get his grubby mad genius hands on. Thus fulfilling the prophecy of his path on the planet, freeing electronic music from the bondage of self!